Constructed Textiles Skills: 6 (Online Course)


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Constructed Textiles Skills Training Room: 6
Inspirational Textiles Techniques for Restricted Resources: American Smocking; Shadowfolds; Paper Pleating, Weaving & Manipulation 


Constructed Textiles Skills: 6
(Inspirational Techniques for Restricted Resources)


PRICE:  £65
TECHNIQUES COVERED: American Smocking; Shadowfolds; Paper Pleating, Paper Weaving & Paper Manipulation

About the Course:

This course is run through a Facebook Training Room


This course is ideal for teachers who are facing classes with limited resources and equipment, or for students to complete at home.
A course full of exciting ideas and techniques for teachers of Textiles, Art & Design to include in an ‘at home’ scheme of work, or in a non-specialist classroom where you are unable to use specialist equipment, or for non-specialist teachers.
Ideally suited for students to use while at home, or during the summer holidays and beyond. The course will include techniques that are accessible to students of all key stages.

This online Training Room is aimed at Textile and Art teachers who are either new to teaching GCSE/A Level or those who want to add to their resources, learning easy to teach textiles skills and techniques and create a sketchbook resource that can be used in the classroom by students. The techniques will be linked to relevant artists and designers and we will show a creative process from developed to refined ideas.

Each Training Room offers different selections of resources and techniques to build your skill base, your own resources and a techniques sketchbook. There is also a live session with your trainer where you will be able to see and hear about further resources and ask questions.

This Training Room is the 6th in a series for Constructed Textiles Skills and covers American Smocking; Shadowfolds; Paper Pleating, Paper Weaving & Paper Manipulation techniques, as examples to show design development to final outcome. Each Course takes you through selecting a theme; How to source and select primary and gives suggestions for relevant artist/designers to base the techniques on. It then takes you through developing initial ideas and learning first how to do and then further refine the techniques.

The Constructed Textiles Skills Series:

  1. Tucks, English & American Smocking 
  2. Slashing, Fabric & Paper Weaving & Loom Weaving
  3. Heat Shibori, Crashing & Shirring 
  4. Pleats, Ruffles & Gathering 
  5. Shadowfolds, Paper & Fabric Manipulation
  6. Inspirational Techniques for Restricted Resources: American Smocking; Shadowfolds; Paper Pleating, Paper Weaving & Paper Manipulation 

Textiles Skills Academy online course 6

Feedback for Online Courses:

The first course has had some amazing feedback with 60+ teachers signing up and some completing already.
‘I have completed this course this weekend and really enjoyed myself. I brushed up on some techniques I already knew, and can now see some new ideas for them. I really enjoyed the new techniques that I had shied away from before, as I thought they would be too tricky! The tutorial videos are very clear with great demos. Can’t wait to experiment more.’
‘Wow, what a real treat your course is. AMAZING work. Would be super for any teacher, experienced or NQT. And a great place to share ideas and create a bank of ideas. You are offering so many resources for the cost of the course. An absolute bargain at that price. I have thoroughly enjoyed working through the course.’

What you will gain by joining the Training Room:

Working through each unit you will learn how to choose a strong and workable theme, find inspiration through selecting appropriate artists and designers and develop primary sources into refined samples.

You will gain:

  • An understanding of how to link themes, primary sources and contextual research of designers and artists.
  • Clear and visual presentations, in bitesize units, to enable better teaching in art textiles and D&T.
  • Clear and easy to follow short demonstrations on ‘how to’ do textiles techniques.
  • Exemplar ideas for textiles design development and practical strategies to create a higher challenge classroom.
  • Printable handouts of templates and step-by-step instructions for use in teaching.
  • Useful video links to exemplar work of others.
  • Guidance and info on other resources that could support your teaching.
  • Learn, practice and make constructed techniques samplers using both machine and by hand.
  • How to link these techniques to relevant artists and designers and take them forward in the design process.
  • Link these constructed techniques to refined ideas for final outcomes and use these ideas in a sketch book or poster to use as a classroom resource.
  • How this can be used by learners independently in the classroom
  • Understand how to develop knowledge of constructed techniques from KS3, creating independent, confident and enthusiastic learners at KS4/5.

Links to KS4 Art & design Specifications: ‘students will be able to contextualize their research and ideas, drawing inspiration from artists and designers. Students will also evaluate the art, craft and design they study, and develop an appreciation of the impact it has on their own work and that of others.’

Nicky Simpson workshop photo

Nicky Simpson workshop with a group of Textile Teachers

What is special about the Constructed Textiles Skills Training Rooms?

The Constructed Textiles Skills training room is an experience that delivers textiles skills, knowledge and understanding in bite sized units. It is a unique learning concept which allows you to learn at your own pace and still contribute, ask questions and network with other teachers through the training room discussion page.

Your curator is NICKY SIMPSON, a contemporary textiles artist, who has 12 years teaching experience, heading up Fashion & Textiles at Hillview School in Kent and a previous 22 year career as a print designer in the heart of London. She has also mentored many graduate trainees, taken workshops at the Knitting & Stitching show, volunteers as an art therapist and for the past 5 years, has been a workshop developer and leader for Textile and Art teachers on behalf of the Textile Skills Academy.

Advantages of joining the Constructed Textiles Skills Training Room?

  • Work/study can be done at home as well as school
  • No need to be away from your lessons
  • 10 hours of training and downloadable resources
  • No cover needed for your classes
  • No travel arrangements or costs
  • Best use of time: flexible access, revisit when needed, ready-to-use resources
  • Unlimited access to the training room for 3 months (equivalent to a school term) with handouts to download and links to other useful resources.
  • A LIVE Q&A session with Nicky to see/hear about more resources and techniques and to ask those nagging questions. Time and date will be set and sent to you with a request to join the session.

Pleating image

Terms & conditions

Your ticket is not refundable or exchangeable once you have enrolled on the course. You can register and join at any time.

Once registered, teachers will be given UNLIMITED access to an on-line training room and all the resources for 12 months. Training provides videos of each presentation and handouts to download, demonstration videos for each technique, templates and images that you can use within school, links to further information and useful resources. It is your ONE STOP SHOP!

What do you need to gain access to the Training Room?

To access the training room you will need a Facebook account and access to the internet. The training can be accessed on a mobile device, tablet or computer.

To gain access to the Training Room after booking, you will be sent an order confrmation email which will have your order/ticket number and a link to the Training Room. Click on the link and once in the Training Room, you will be asked 2 questions before being allowed to join: Your Order No. and Your Full Name.

Online Courses:

This Training Room is one of a series being developed on Constructed Textiles. Other courses are to follow and we will post them here as soon as we get them completed.

The Textiles Skills Academy also manages the Facebook Closed Group for teachers. To join the closed group go to:

Nicky Simpson textilesNicky Simpson
PGCE; BA(Hons) Textiles Design: Specialising in print.

Nicky has been a Textile and Fashion consultant for the Textiles Skills Academy for 5 years now, she also works as a contemporary textile artist, her artwork combines all things textural, she likes to craft with a heat press featuring both machine and hand embroidery, delivering tutorials in her small studio. Nicky’s initial career was in the fashion industry working for 22 years in the heart of London as a print designer and colourist. She worked for a French mill based in Lyon and went on to create seasonal fashion print collections, buying and redesigning archive prints. Nicky designed for all the high street stores from Marks and Spencer to River Island.

Nicky’s second career was in teaching as Head of Fashion & Textiles at Hillview School for Girls in Kent. She has taught Art & Design Textiles at GCSE and A Level, AQA Design and Technology/Textiles at A Level and GCSE and BTEC Level 3 Fashion. Her last set of grades were:  A Level 100% A-A*; GCSE 70% A-A* (100% A*-B).

Nicky has mentored many graduate trainees, taken workshops at the Knitting & Stitching show, volunteers as an art therapist and now presents the workshops to fellow Textile and Art teachers on behalf of the Textile Skills Academy.


  • ‘Superb day – so inspirational! So much covered and a LOT of new skills learnt. Thanks!!’  Jessie L.
  • ‘Loads of info which was GREAT. All really useful & relevant. Brilliant starting point for newish Art & Design teacher. Thank you so much.’ Rebecca F.
  • ‘Fabulous presenter. Gave loads + loads of information and ideas. I feel really inspired! Loved the practical samples we did. Would highly recommend!’ Wendy P.
  • ‘A great course with lots of hands-on sampling. Great idea to hold it in a school which is much more realistic than an outside venue, gives ideas on taking creative inspiration back to the classroom’.
  • ‘Fantastic day, really useful and applicable to both Art and D&T subjects. Thanks!’


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