The UK Hub for Textile Teachers CPD

The Textiles Skills Academy brings together experienced education presenters and industry experts to deliver relevant seminars and practical workshops for Art and D&T textile teachers, to support their delivery of the curriculum.

Textiles Workshops around the UK & Overseas

We offer a range of Textiles Skills Academy-led workshops for all abilities, as well as promoting other textiles related courses, workshops and events.

Latest News

3D Printed Fashion Future

3D Printed Clothing – Julia Daviy’s research and practice, giving a glimpse of a sustainable production and innovative Zero-waste fashion of the future.

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The Future Fashion Loop

Our next generation of designers and engineers must be taught at an early age, to understand the full cycle of a product , including its end of life disposal.

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Skilling Tomorrow’s Economy

The Future of Work: Skilling Tomorrow’s Economy. What should we be preparing our young people for? This was on the agenda for the recent Commonwealth Business Forum debates (April 2018)

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